New Brunswick

Mayor calls for end to bridge jumping

Fredericton's mayor is calling for more to be done to stop bridge jumpers and a more co-ordinated effort to find people who go missing in the water.

Mayor Brad Woodside says improvement is needed in water searches

Fredericton's mayor is calling for more to be done to stop bridge jumpers and for a more co-ordinated effort to find people who go missing in the water.

Brad Woodside's comments follow the death of a 20-year-old Fredericton man who drowned after jumping off the Longs Creek Bridge in the Upper Kingsclear area last week.

Woodside said the young man's family is distraught over losing their son and upset with the way the search for him was handled.

Woodside said he knows the young man's parents personally and took a call from them Saturday night.

He said they were upset that no one was searching for their son after he went missing.

However, Oromocto RCMP said Friday that five search and rescue boats, as well as a number of local boats, were scouring the water Friday night.

That evening the man was presumed dead. His body was found Sunday.

The man's parents said the waters were empty while dive crews from Nova Scotia travelled to Fredericton to carry out the search, which is why Woodside believes there is some co-ordination lacking.

"It seems to be a little fractured in responses and who's in charge and things of this nature," said Woodside.

He said the number of people jumping from bridges  to cool off during the summer months is troubling. He said he's been concerned about it for years and that something has to be done.

"I think somebody has to take some course of action to ensure public safety."

Woodside said he knows police are doing their best to prevent these types of accidents and to carry out searches when the unthinkable happens. He believes it's still worth asking if there is room for improvement.