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Lieutenant-Governor's arts awards honour 3 men

Three men received New Brunswick's highest honour in the arts Monday.

Jules Boudreau, Jacques Savoie, Thaddeus Holownia receive $20K prize for high achievement in arts

Arts awards

6 years ago
Lieutentant-Governor's Awards for High Achievement in the Arts presented. 1:50

Three men received New Brunswick's highest honour in the arts field Monday.

The Lieutenant-Governor's Awards for High Achievement in the Arts were presented to playwright Jules Boudreau, novelist, musician and screenwriter Jacques Savoie, and visual artist Thaddeus Holownia.

Jules Boudreau is an Acadian playwright from Maisonnette. (CBC)
Boudreau began community theatre in the village of Maisonnette when he was 33, inspired to tell Acadian stories to an Acadian audience.

"No group of humans is perfect, so I would show maybe sometimes the little defects, but it has generally been well received."

Savoie has achieved much international acclaim, including a Special Mention at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988 for Les Portes tournantes. But Savoie says he will always be a proud Acadian.

Jacques Savoie is an Acadian novelist, musician and screenwriter from Edmundston. (CBC)
"This is why this prize has a special meaning," he said. "I"m part of the family picture."

Savoie describes awards such as these as a window in a wall that often separates anglophone and francophone arts and culture.

"We have to make that effort to reach the people and break that barrier, language barrier."

Holownia has called New Brunswick home for 35 years after settling in the Sackville area.

Thaddeus Hollownia is a photographer in the Sackville area. (CBC)
The photographer, professor and head of the Fine Arts Department at Mount Allison University thinks these prizes can prove as inspiration to aspiring or struggling artists.

"And making sure that you stay dedicated to your ideals, day, after day, after day, when there are no rewards," he said.

Each man receives a $20,000 prize which they all say will help with their next projects.


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