New Brunswick

Lake Utopia house on the market for almost $10 million

Luxury real estate in New Brunswick can be modest compared to Canada's major cities. But not this one. A rare listing on Lake Utopia is up for sale - for a whopping $9.65 million.

Home listed for $9.65 million is 27,000 square feet including the two guest homes, plus 100 acres of land

What may be New Brunswick's most expensive real estate listing ever. 1:58

Luxury real estate in New Brunswick can be modest compared to Canada's major cities. 

But not this one. A rare listing on Lake Utopia is up for sale — for a whopping $9.65 million.

(Alison Chiasson, CBC)
Utopia is a community for people looking to bask in lush landscape and waterfront views. 

It's a modest community of cottages except one neighbour. 

Standing out from the trees is the 11,000 square foot home of Lorne Abony, a Canadian tech mogul who built New Brunswick's most expensive real estate listing.

Why here? Besides the spectacular views, the Toronto venture capitalist met a woman from Charlotte county.

About eight years ago they decided to develop the property so their two children could be closer to their New Brunswick family.

Lorne Abony's wall of fame in his Lake Utopia home (Alison Chiasson, CBC)
The retreat features 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, three tennis courts (one indoor), an indoor basketball court, a go-kart track and three private beaches.

Abony's property manager, Ryan MacDonald, says the cost averages out to about $50,000 an acre in this area, a steep price.

"I think it will be a tough sell, without a doubt," says MacDonald. "But if the right person is looking for a place that's quiet and peaceful and private, you couldn't ask for a better spot."

The Lake Utopia property was the Abony family's retreat. He has several other properties and condos in the US, but this one features his business wall of fame, his wife's artwork and a playroom of any kid's dreams.

Property manager Ryan MacDonald rides one of go-karts at the Abony's Lake Utopia home. (Alison Chiasson/CBC)
It's a way of life even the property manager could get used to.

"I know in the last few years they had a blast when they were here," said MacDonald. "I always have a good time while they're here, and it's a blast to work here so I hope that maybe I get sold with it!" 

The property has been on the market for just over a year.

It's expected sell to a buyer from outside of New Brunswick, someone looking for his or her own private utopia.


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