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Painting for late N.B. lieutenant-governor on its way to family

A painting commissioned by former New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau is on its way her family. Roy Vienneau died in August before receiving the painting.

New Brunswick Lt.-Gov. Brenda Murphy to deliver painting to Jocelyne Roy Vienneau's family

Artist Krista Simmons paints brightly colored pieces inspired by her passion for interior designs. (Gary Moore/CBC)

A piece of artwork commissioned by former New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau is on the way to her family. 

Roy Vienneau died from cancer in August before the painting was ready.

She commissioned artist Krista Simmons at an art show last year. The exhibit was a showcase of work done by adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Simmons's work is brightly coloured and inspired by her passion for interior design. 

New Brunswick's Lt.-Gov. Brenda Murphy accepts the painting on behalf of the family of the late Jocelyne Roy Vienneau. (Gary Moore/CBC)

"I think I like it," Simmons said while looking at the piece she created for Roy Vienneau.

Simmons, who has Down syndrome, painted a piece focused on a cozy study area surrounded by books.

"It's kinda nice and beautiful," Simmons said at an art show in Saint John, where the final work was on display before making its way to Roy Vienneau's family. 

The art show was hosted by L'Arche Saint John and it was a favourite stop for Roy Vienneau every year. 

"She always valued Krista's work," said event organizer Gray Gillies-Mott, who's a longtime friend of Simmons. 

Gray Gillies-Mott is one of the organizers of the L'Arche art show. (Gary Moore/CBC)

Gillies-Mott said Roy Vienneau was a big supporter of the show.

"She would come and speak at this event in the past," said Gillies-Mott. 

"And her words were always so encouraging — that art was important and that people with intellectual disabilities have such an important part in the society of New Brunswick."

Simmons presented the painting to current Lt.-Gov. Brenda Murphy on Saturday afternoon. 

Murphy will deliver the painting to Roy Vienneau's family. 

Artist with disabilities creates special work for late Lt.-Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau

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This weekend, the artwork was given to New Brunswick’s Lt.-Gov. Brenda Murphy, who will deliver it to Vienneau’s family.

"I do feel very humble to be travelling in her footsteps," said Murphy, "and very privileged to be able to accept the painting today on behalf of her husband."

Although it was originally a commissioned piece, Simmons is donating the work to Roy Vienneau's family.


Gary Moore

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