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Celebrity art raises money for Kidney Foundation in New Brunswick

On Thursday night, amid the wind and rain, Cassidy Patterson got her wish come true. The 13-year-old St. George girl, who is awaiting a kidney transplant, donned a gown and tiara to become Cinderella for a night as part of the Charmed Launch Party.

Cinderella-for-a-night Cassidy Patterson kicks off the Kidney Foundation's fundraising campaign

A Brush of Hope is a fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation. Each year Canadian celebrities create a one of a kind painting to be auctioned on eBay from October 31st to November 9th. 1:23

On Thursday night, amid the wind and rain, Cassidy Patterson will get her wish come true.

The 13-year-old St. George girl, who is awaiting a kidney transplant, will don a gown and tiara to become Cinderella for a night as part of the Charmed Launch Party, kicking off the annual fundraising campaign for the Atlantic branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.
Cassidy Patterson was granted her wish to be Cinderella for a night at the kick-off to the Kidney Foundation's Brush of Hope campaign in Fredericton.

Fredericton's Quartermain House Bed and Breakfast is hosting the event, which features local food, art works and entertainment. 

The launch kicks off the 10th annual A Brush of Hope campaign, where Canadian celebrities create one-of-a-kind paintings that are auctioned on eBay from Oct. 31st to Nov. 9th.

Rush's Alex Lifeson, Don Cherry, Brent Butt, Catherine O'Hara and Leonard Cohen are just a few of the celebrities who've created original works for the auction. 

Jennifer Vienneau is the development co-ordinator for the Kidney Foundation in the Atlantic region. She says Cassidy is the guest of honour for a very important reason. She's needs another kidney transplant.

"She had a kidney transplant at the age of three. She received a kidney from her dad and this evening is her last hurrah, it's her dream come true, to be Cinderella. Her kidney's not doing well. It only has a lifespan of roughly ten years so she's now going to be going into surgery in November."

Vienneau says if you have kidney disease, and it affects one in 10 Canadians, you either need a transplant or dialysis. It's a tough disease to live with.
Jennifer Vienneau organized the Charmed Launch party for the Kidney Foundation's annual Brush of Hope art auction.

"Dialysis is really tough because it's four to five times a week, five hours at a time … you just basically wait until someone can donate a kidney."

Vienneau says the money raised from the auction will go to patient services and research.


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