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Police gave out at least 17 fines to people who allegedly broke emergency rules

Police agencies across New Brunswick have issued at least 17 tickets to people who allegedly weren’t following emergency rules — for offences ranging from not social distancing to touching people at a restaurant.

Judge asked to be removed from Raymond case, filing from chief justice says

The judge presiding over alleged Fredericton shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond’s case asked to be removed from the file, according to a new filing in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Sex offender Donnie Snook denied day parole

Notorious child sex offender Donnie Snook has been denied day parole, after the Parole Board of Canada deemed him "an undue risk to society" if released.

N.S. evaluating N.B. proposal to collaborate on serious incident response team

For years, New Brunswick has relied on agencies outside its borders to come in and investigate when there’s a serious incident involving police. But a new proposal to Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team, or SIRT, could provide the province with its own version of an independent police watchdog.

Media not allowed to cover sex offender Donnie Snook's parole board hearing

A former Saint John city councillor who sexually abused numerous boys will have a Parole Board of Canada hearing in July, but journalists won't be allowed to attend and report on the proceedings. Donnie Snook's sentence doesn’t expire until November 2030, but he became eligible for day parole in December 2018 and full parole in June 2019.

More than $20,000 in COVID-19 fines issued, but few details on violations

Provincial enforcement officers handed out more than $20,000 worth of tickets for alleged violations of the province’s Emergency Measures Act over a slightly less than two-month span this spring.

More than 1,300 N.B. students not reached by schools during pandemic

At least 1,300 students weren't reached by schools in 4 of New Brunswick's 7 school districts, a CBC News analysis has found. The other 3 districts could not provide any data on how many students were reached.
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'This is nuts': Truro police call logs show confusion during N.S. shooting rampage

Dispatch call logs from the Truro Police Service obtained by CBC News through access to information give a glimpse into the confusion as RCMP scrambled to track down the suspect travelling through rural communities shooting people between April 18 and 19.
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Vitalité turns over new records about patient's death, after saying it didn't have them

The province’s French-language health authority has turned over new records about the suicide death of a patient at the troubled Restigouche Hospital Centre, after a lengthy access to information battle.
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2011 tip that warned N.S. gunman wanted 'to kill a cop' was purged from RCMP records

Police agencies across Nova Scotia were warned in May 2011 that a denturist named Gabriel Wortman had a stash of guns and said he wanted “to kill a cop,” according to records newly obtained by CBC News.

Former Bacchus Saint John president denied permission to pick where he lives

The Parole Board of Canada has blocked the former president of the Saint John chapter of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club from choosing where he lives, determining it would pose “an undue risk to society.”

Day parole cancelled for Hells Angels member

The Parole Board of Canada has cancelled day parole for a man police have described as a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, after he rejected the release location proposed by Correctional Service Canada (CSC).

Family believes Upper Gagetown murder-suicide could have been prevented

The family of a man at the centre of a tragedy in Upper Gagetown say things may have had a different outcome if Steven Bailey was able to get the mental health help he needed.

Major crime unit investigating inmate's death at provincial jail in Shediac

The coroner and the RCMP's major crime unit are investigating the "sudden death" of a Moncton man who was in custody of the Southeast Regional Correctional Centre in Shediac.

2 types of guns N.S. shooter used in rampage now banned in Canada

Two types of firearms used by a gunman who recently took the lives of 22 people in Nova Scotia are on a list of more than 1,500 "military-style assault weapons" that were banned in Canada on Friday, said the country's public safety minister.