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Shediac singer wins 2nd place at world karaoke championships in Tokyo

New Brunswick has its own karaoke world champ. Katey Day-Reick placed second in the world at the Karaoke World Championships in Tokyo.

If you sing from your heart, 'you can never lose — ever,' says Katey Day-Reick of Shediac

Katey Day-Reick of Shediac competed in the solo category against 39 other singers from around the world. (Karaoke World Championships Facebook page)

New Brunswick has its own karaoke world champ.

Shediac singer Katey Day-Reick placed second in the world karaoke championships held in Tokyo.

"It's been such a journey this entire time," Day-Reick said shortly after finding out about her win.

"My reaction was I jumped, and I did what all Canadian girls would do and freaked out."

Day-Reick won the Canadian karaoke championships in Calgary this summer, earning her a slot to travel to Japan and compete on a world stage.

She grew up in Saint John and lives in Shediac with her wife and daughter. She said coming from a small place makes it even more of an honour to place second in the world.  

"Oftentimes, you know, you don't get recognized in small little places but the [Karaoke World Championships] gives you that opportunity," Day-Reick said.

"I want to encourage artists and singers that are coming through the ranks and and let them know that doesn't matter where you come from as long as you work hard, and you believe that you can, then you will. And that is basically the motto that I want to put out there for any Maritime or Atlantic Canadian artist."

Day-Reick sang four songs over the course of the competition: Piece of My HeartMake You Feel My Love, Your Song and, "because I'm a rocker chick, you know, I did Meatloaf and I'd Do Anything For Love."

Day-Reick performed four songs over the course of the competition, ending with Mealoaf's I'd Do Anything for Love. (Karaoke World Championships Facebook page)

She said she was in shock when she heard she won second place out of the 40 singers in the solo category. Jenny Ball of the U.K. placed first. 

Day-Reick said performing karaoke taps into the universal connection people get from music.

"As long as you sing from your heart and you show confidence in what you're doing you can never lose — ever."

While the experience in Tokyo has been incredible, and she has been able to meet and connect with singers from all over the world, Day-Reick said she can't wait to return home to Shediac and her family.

"I'm just elated to be able to come home and bring home some hardware from Tokyo."


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