Julia Wright

Information Morning Saint John host

Julia Wright is a born and raised Saint Johner, and the host of Information Morning Saint John on 91.3FM. She has been with the CBC since 2016.

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N.B. malls reopen, but few stores ready for business

New Brunswick malls reopened on Wednesday, but not many stores were ready for business.

Retired navy vet, firefighter from Norton among victims of N.S. shooting

When Tom Bagley saw smoke coming from his neighbour's home in rural Nova Scotia, he "went running" to help. It would be the last fire he would ever respond to.

What it's like to have COVID-19: Saint Johner breaks silence on illness

She was careful. She washed her hands. She practised physical distancing. Still, she tested positive for COVID-19.

How a sea monster myth was born in west Saint John

For starters, you're going to need a quart of moonshine.

'Like a double agent': A Saint Johner's fight against conversion therapy

Conversion therapy nearly killed Victor Szymanski. After Justin Trudeau's Dec. 13 pledge to end the practice in Canada, the young Saint Johner tells his story publicly for the first time.

Lack of services for autistic son forces newcomer family to leave

For Hanan Fadel, it’s hard to sleep. Almost every night her seven-year-old son yells, runs, hits his head on the walls. 

Haunted history: 13 eerie Halloween images from New Brunswick's past

Extraterrestrial pumpkin men. "Soap Jokers." And the Devil's camping trip in Fundy National Park.

New Brunswick scores shout-out in new Margaret Atwood bestseller

It was past midnight, and Saint Johner Karen McLean was burning through The Testaments — Margaret Atwood's hotly-anticipated sequel to The Handmaid's Tale.  Spoiler alert.

After a public life, a public death for Saint Johner Bob McVicar

In the wake of a terminal cancer diagnosis, well-known Saint John realtor Bob McVicar has a message for his fellow Saint Johners.

Traditional Chinese clothing inspires a budding fashion in Saint John

It's been catching on in China for a decade. Now, 21-year-old Shui Tang is introducing Saint John to the modern take on the traditional clothing of China's Han ethnic majority.

Invasion of the giant goldfish: Pets overrun local swimming hole

Getting a goldfish is easy. Getting rid of goldfish? That's a whole other story.

Super model: A Saint Johner's mind-blowing miniature factory

The Simms brush factory was a west Saint John icon for more than a century. Now, Mike Beckwith is bringing it back.

What it's like to weigh 500 pounds in Saint John

Saint John wasn't designed for someone who weighs 499.6 pounds, and until a few months ago, Dan Culberson was painfully aware of that on a daily basis.

What happened to the bells at Trinity Church?

The church bells tolling out the time in uptown Saint John for over a century have been silenced  — but there's a good reason.

Furniture locked in rural New Brunswick home fetches tens of thousands

How a treasure trove of mid-century furniture ended up in New Brunswick has to do with a progressive couple from Chicago and a connection to the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.