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Judy, Albert Hume are sharing their love of music with students

Judy and Albert Hume volunteer their time at Devon Middle School. Judy plays the clarinet and Albert the saxophone. They play along with the students in their respective sections – they’re part of the band.

'Power of One' series is profiling people who are bringing positive change to the community

It's a typical Thursday for Judy and Albert Hume.

Every week during the school year they drive 40 minutes from Cross Creek to Devon Middle School for band practice.

"We really enjoy coming in on Thursdays," Albert said.

They teach the students the basics: how to finger and tune and read notes. 

"The rest is up to them," he said.

But the Humes say their most important role is encouraging the students.

"I like to be able to tell them, 'You're doing a great job,'" Judy said.

They've been volunteering at Devon for four years, since the band's director, David Steeves, asked them to help out.

In our Power of One series we discover the power of one couple. Lauren Bird has the story of Albert and Judy Hume and the time they give to young musicians in Fredericton. 8:57

"There's no getting around it," Steeves said.

"The volunteers we have here at Devon make it grow."

"What keeps kids coming back? I think it's the feeling of success, that they're making progress, that they enjoy the friendship of other kids in the band. I also think it has to do with Judy and Albert and other volunteers."

Judy plays the clarinet and Albert the saxophone. They play along with the students in their respective sections — they're part of the band.

Information Morning Fredericton's "Power of One" series is profiling people who are helping others and bringing positive change to the community. Interviews can be head each Monday.

"I think it also shows the students we're here and we're doing the same things they are and they feel like I'm part of them instead of being over them," Albert said.

"If the band makes a mistake it's our mistake as the band. The band isn't an individual it's a group of people."

Judy Hume said it shows that they are committed.

The only time the Humes don't play with the band is during competition, but they're still there to watch.

"When we go to the music festival and our band performs remarkably well, it just touches our hearts to see how they are. They get up on the stage and they're proud to be there and they usually a medal," Judy said.

The Humes will be back with the band at Devon next year, sharing their experience and love for music. And they hope the students will take that with them, wherever they go.

"I hope it changes their perspective for their life," Judy said.

"I hope they get a love for music that goes beyond listening to the radio or music on their iPods and that they really want to keep it up and make it part of their life."


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