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Rideau Canal Skateway opens for winter

Today was the first day skaters could lace up and get out on Ottawa's world-famous Rideau Canal Skateway — if they were brave enough to face the bone-chilling weather.

Ontario NDP calls on auditor general to review wind farm cancellation

The provincial NDP wants Ontario's auditor general to review the axing of the Nation Rise Wind Farm and determine whether there are any costs associated with cancelling the project so late in its development. 

Second liver donation gives Ottawa man hope for new life

After his body rejected a liver transplant earlier this month, a second one earlier this week allowed Luis Acero to do something his family wasn't sure he'd be able to do; he squeezed the hand of his 10-year-old daughter on Christmas Day.

Firefighter visit 'saved our lives,' says Vanier man after CO leak

A Vanier man said a visit from firefighters in June helped save his life in December.

New one-of-a-kind app will map eastern Ontario

A team at Carleton University has been working to digitally map and recreate businesses in small towns across eastern Ontario, in the hopes of attracting investors.

More than 50 bus trips cancelled Saturday — and it's not clear why

OC Transpo has cancelled more than 50 bus runs since 7:15 a.m., according to its Twitter account.

Ottawa police ask feds for more cash to cover 'extraordinary' duties

The Ottawa Police Service is asking the federal government for more money to bring it in line with forces in other capitals where police are expected to perform extra duties.

Protesters demand 'dignity and freedom' after Iran crackdown

Approximately 60 people gathered on Parliament Hill to speak out against the Iranian regime following a brutal crackdown that Amnesty International says has killed more than 100 protesters.

Ottawa woman recalls 'shocking' attack in Mexico

An Ottawa woman who was violently attacked in Mexico said she’s overwhelmed by support she’s receiving from back home.

Ottawa's latest Instagram star is a middle-aged white cat that doesn't care for salad

Once upon a time, at a table not very far away, a white cat made a face at a salad. Someone took a picture. Now suburban Ottawa's own smudge_lord has 1.1 million Instagram followers. Because that's how the internet works.

Thousands still without power after Friday's windstorm

More than 12,000 Ontario residents remain without power Saturday afternoon following Friday's big windstorm — and the majority of those still in the dark live in this part of the province.

'A momentous event': Rare plant set to bloom for 1st time — and then die

The Queen Victoria agave at Carleton University is due to bloom any day now, for the first and last time in its roughly 30-year lifespan.

Pyjamas donated to IWK in memory of girl who wanted to give comfort to others

When Katelyn Robarts was in hospital with leukemia, she delivered new pyjamas to other patients as a way to brighten their day. Eight years after her death, her friends continue that act of kindness.

Seeing the patients: Art shines light on New Brunswick children with epilepsy

The intent of Seeing the Patients was to explore the lived experience of children with epilepsy and their caregivers.

Plastic bags of flyers sully Saint John, residents say

Plastic bags full of advertising flyers littering the streets of Saint John are a bad look for residential areas, some residents say.