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John Corey's collection of collections goes up for auction

One of the biggest and most eclectic outdoor auctions in New Brunswick's recent past is set for Sept. 12.

Intricate, bizarre and beautiful items will be sold on site in Havelock on Sept. 12

One of the biggest and most eclectic outdoor auctions in New Brunswick's recent past is set for Sept. 12.

The intricate, bizarre and beautiful collections of John Corey will go up for sale in Havelock.

Corey was an artist, a teacher, an interior designer and a collector of items from the past — beaver top hats, a fur muff, a tuba, army hats, and handmade quilts are among the items amassed over the years.

"I was totally overwhelmed, totally overwhelmed," said auctioneer Brian McCullum.

"I mean it's like you go into peoples' homes that were collectors, and you'd find that they would have one or two, maybe five or six themes, and here there's 50 different themes of things that he collected, and there's not one of anything, but several — up to 50 or 60 of some items," he said.

Corey would decorate houses with his finds. Now, increasing dementia and physical problems have forced the 82-year-old Corey into a nursing home and all the items that fill his house and two barns will be sold in a day-long auction.

A collection of New Brunswick artist Jack Humphrey's works and 400 quilts have already been donated to the New Brunswick Museum.


  • An earlier version incorrectly spelled John Corey's surname as Cory and incorrectly stated his age was 84. He is 82.
    Sep 04, 2015 10:55 AM AT


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