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Jennifer Sweet is a reporter with CBC based in Fredericton. She can be reached at 451-4176 or

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Stretch of Route 605 started to crumble not long after repairs were made

Residents of Temperance Vale say a two-kilometre stretch of Route 605 was riddled with potholes again this spring after the road was chipsealed last summer.

Nurses call for end to workplace violence as attacks mount

Members of nurses unions from across Canada rallied in Fredericton Tuesday in support of a nurse in Moncton, who was allegedly beaten by a patient's family member in March. They say there's been an increase in violence against health-care workers nationwide.

St. Mary's woman scammed by fake Microsoft tech-support warns others

A 66-year-old woman from St. Mary's First Nation is warning others after coming close to losing thousands of dollars in a "Microsoft" tech support scam.

Retired engineering prof bringing efficient stoves to rainforest dwellers

Retired engineering professor Eugene Lewis of Fredericton is working on a project to get very efficient stoves to people who live in the mountainous jungles of Guatemala.

Writer gave up top civil service job to chase childhood dream — and it's paying off

Six years after a bold decision to walk away from her civil service job, Wendy McLeod MacKnight's writing career is starting to take off. Her latest book, The Frame-Up, is set in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton.

Musicians lose Moncton performance venue as Plan b closes

The music community is mourning the loss of the Plan b Bar & Lounge in Moncton, which has closed after a decade of staging live music.

Breakthru businesses face rocky road to success

With this year's prizes just handed out in the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation's biennial Breakthru competition, the real work is just beginning to convert taxpayer funding into successful businesses that will help grow the provincial economy.

Mother and daughter's response to strange phone call may have saved a life

A Nackawic mother and daughter may have saved a man's life this week after they were awakened in the middle of the night by strange phone calls.

Who is posting in your local news group?

An internet security expert and some social media news group administrators say it appears a fake account has been active in New Brunswick and could be trying to stir up division ahead of the federal election.

Hundreds of nursing home residents taken off anti-psychotic drugs

Hundreds of nursing home residents in New Brunswick have been weaned off anti-psychotic drugs that were found to be ineffective and the cause of increased health risks.

St. Stephen poet's work shows human side of mental illness and addiction

A new collection of poetry by a New Brunswick man opens a window into the mind of a person with schizoaffective disorder who lives in recovery from addiction. And it's not nearly as scary a place as you might imagine.

Renewable project gets second wind at Saint John Energy

After a rejected proposal about a year ago, Saint John Energy has a new plan for a local wind energy project and is looking for a developer.

Campobello ferry proponents say it's getting harder to cross border

People who are lobbying for year-round ferry service on Campobello are wary of upcoming border security regulations, which they say will make it even more difficult to get through the United States to the New Brunswick mainland.

Why are so many New Brunswick doctors prescribing a potentially deadly drug combo?

Many 'chronic pain' patients are on both opioids and benzodiazepines, despite the potentially fatal risks, and doctors and pharmacists don't see it changing any time soon.

'Un-retired' senior is 'loving life' as personal support worker

A 75-year-old Fredericton woman who says she loves her many paid and unpaid jobs, including being a personal support worker, is one of a growing number of New Brunswick seniors rejoining the labour force.