Jacques Poitras

Provincial Affairs reporter

Jacques Poitras has been CBC's provincial affairs reporter in New Brunswick since 2000. Raised in Moncton, he also produces the CBC political podcast Spin Reduxit.

Latest from Jacques Poitras

People's Alliance leader says his support for the all-party COVID cabinet committee 'waning'

People’s Alliance Leader Kris Austin says he’s rethinking his role on an all-party COVID-19 committee because of inconsistent pandemic guidelines that he is finding hard to justify to New Brunswickers.

Liberals support decision to keep schools open in red zone

New Brunswick’s Liberal opposition says it supports the decision to let schools stay open during the red phase of COVID-19 restrictions.

Two N.B. reactor developers defend use of Liberal-connected lobbyists

The two companies developing small modular nuclear reactors in New Brunswick are defending their use of Liberal-connected lobbyists to help win federal funding.

A review of province's Official Languages Act will happen behind closed doors

A review of one of the most persistently controversial aspects of New Brunswick life, official bilingualism, will happen in secret.

Former U.S. regulator questions small nuclear reactor technology

A former head of the United States' nuclear regulator is raising questions about the molten-salt technology that would be used in one model of proposed New Brunswick-made nuclear reactors.

Province walks back minister's suggestion to divert vaccine from slower provinces

The New Brunswick government is walking back a suggestion from Health Minister Dorothy Shephard that COVID-19 vaccine doses in provinces with slow rollouts could be diverted to this province.

Vitalité disputes a claim made in CCLA abortion-access lawsuit

The Vitalité Health Network is disputing one of the claims about abortion access in a lawsuit filed by a national civil liberties organization.

New Brunswick being sued over abortion access

A national civil liberties group has officially launched a lawsuit aimed at forcing the New Brunswick government to fund abortion services in private clinics.

Vaccination program on schedule in province, despite premier saying it could go faster

New Brunswick’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout is unfolding as it was supposed to, despite Premier Blaine Higgs talking about a new timeline target during this week’s spike in cases.

ONB reveals millions in loans it'll never see repaid

The New Brunswick government’s lead job-creation agency has quietly written off tens of millions of dollars in loans to businesses dating back more than three decades.

7 teachers in one class in one week? Alarmed parent says that's too many

A Moncton-area parent says he’s resigned to his daughter being exposed to more teachers and school staff in her classroom than he considers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Focus on the future, not the past, Higgs says on Indigenous issues

Premier Blaine Higgs says he wants to understand why Indigenous communities in New Brunswick aren’t doing better economically — but isn’t interested in delving into the history of colonialism and injustice.

Majority win has shifted dynamic for Higgs government

It took just three short, coronavirus-disrupted weeks in the New Brunswick legislature this fall to demonstrate how much has changed for Premier Blaine Higgs since the 2020 provincial election.

Higgs government blunts opposition abortion motion, removes references to Clinic 554

The Progressive Conservative government has used its majority in the legislature to neutralize an opposition motion calling for the funding of surgical abortions at Fredericton’s Clinic 554.

Bridge upgrades and a new school in the mix as province unveils capital spending details

Miramichiers can brace for traffic disruptions two summers from now, and communities looking to have new schools built will have more predictable rankings of priority projects, according to new details of the province's capital spending plan.