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'It's a great thing to have a change'

Some in and around Blaine Higgs's home riding, Quispamsis, say they're happy about the transition of government that will take place in the coming days.

Blaine Higgs set to become the first premier from the Saint John area since 1935

Lew and Theresa Squires are pleased to see Blaine Higgs become premier-designate.

The first hours as premier-designate were quiet for Blaine Higgs.

And at least some in and around his home riding, Quispamsis, are happy about the transition of government that will take place in the coming days.

"I think it's good for the area," said Allen Kirkpatrick. "He probably could help the area if it needs anything, at least you'd have somebody to go to."

'I think we need new blood'

The last premier from the Saint John area was Leonard Percy de Wolfe Tilley from 1933-35.

"I think we need new blood and different ideas, so I'm for it," said Theresa Squires, who's lived in Saint John all her life.

Her husband, Lew Squires agreed.

"It's awesome, really. It's a great thing to have a change and somebody like him to be in there. It's just good."

Theresa Squires said Higgs's promise to roll back the nutrition policy in schools stuck with her.

Blaine Higgs answers questions from the media after defeating the Liberals on Friday. (James West/Canadian Press)

"I'm only a grandparent now, but I'd like to see the change in the schools, where they weren't allowed to have all this certain kind of food and everything, which I think is ridiculous. He said that he would try to bring that back."

Meeting ahead to set date for transition

The minority Liberal government under Brian Gallant was defeated Friday in a non-confidence vote in the New Brunswick Legislature.

Gallant resigned as premier later that day, creating the opportunity for Higgs to form a PC government.

Higgs said he wants to work with all parties. 

Gallant and Higgs are expected to meet in the coming the days to agree on a date for a PC cabinet to be sworn in.

Higgs's minority government will need to win a confidence vote in the legislature to stay in power.


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