Ian Baillie school parents want students to stay put

Parents of children at Ian Baillie Primary School in Miramichi, N.B., have chosen to leave their kids in place after being assured that a mould problem in the gymnasium poses no health risk.

School gymnasium has mould problem; parents urge province to make repairs

Parents of children at Ian Baillie Primary School in Miramichi, N.B., have chosen to leave their kids in place, but only if the province steps in to repair the gymnasium that was infected with mould.

At a public meeting on Sunday parents were given two options: have their kids moved to Dr. Losier Middle School, or let them stay at Ian Baillie.

Lisa McNeil, who has a daughter in Grade 3 at Ian Baillie, says officials assured parents the school is safe.

Parents will allow their children to stay, but on condition the gym is fixed. They are urging New Brunswick Education Minister Marie-Claude Blais to order the repairs. 

“We discussed it as a parent group and we decided we would like the status quo, as we were told the school is safe as it is right now,” McNeil said Monday.

“The gym’s been sealed off, the mould’s been removed.”

Parents want the gym fixed, she said, but have been told of no plans to do so. 

McNeil said there was also a fear that if the children were moved, the province would never make repairs.

"It's an old, disgusting building that lacks new things," she said. "But the atmosphere and the staff and the teachers... it's a fabulous school. We've got A+ staff here, let's have an A+ building.

"To be honest, I'd like to see this building fixed while we're waiting for a new school in Miramichi."


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