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Horsemeat pulled from shelves at Dieppe Sobeys

A Sobeys in Dieppe has pulled the horsemeat off the shelves that it had recently began selling.

Store's meat manager won't say why product was removed

A Sobeys in Dieppe has pulled the horsemeat from its shelves that it had recently started selling, says the store's meat manager.

He would not say why the meat had been removed.

CBC News contacted Sobeys' head office in Nova Scotia, but no one was available for comment.

Not everyone had been convinced it would sell.

Chef Emmanuel Charretier, who runs a fine dining restaurant in Dieppe and grew up in France eating horsemeat, didn't think Monctonians were going to rush to the grocer's coolers for the frozen ground meat.

"You know, I'm having duck, rabbit, which sometimes is a big issue for some people. Some people won't eat that kind of meat. So, horse? No, they are not ready for that," said Charretier.

"I don't think I'm going to have it on my menu one day."

Riverview butcher Bruce Perry says he won't carry horsemeat in his meat shop either. He says he's against it personally and he doesn't think it will sell.

He's also worried it will upset his customers.

"A lot of people have horses as pets and they think of them as one of the family, and I agree," Perry said.

But horsemeat is big business in Quebec, according to horsemeat processor Richelieu Meats. Quebecers eat roughly 150,000 portions of horse meat every week, company officials said.

Canada is one of the largest exporters of horsemeat in the world, with most of the meat being shipped to Europe.

Sobeys in Dieppe is selling the ground meat for $12 per kilogram, just over $5 a pound.

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