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Hit song from Frozen gets Acadian twist in New Brunswick

Two sisters from Cap-Pelé have created a Chiac version of the song, Let It Go!, from the Disney movie, Frozen, called Worry Pas.

Sisters Nathalie and Josette Brun have created a Chiac version of the song Let it Go, called Worry Pas

Two sisters from Cap-Pelé have put an Acadian twist on the song, Let It Go!, from the Disney movie, Frozen.

Nathalie and Josette Brun have created a Chiac version, called Worry Pas!

Chiac is a mixture of French and English commonly spoken by Acadians in southeastern New Brunswick.

Nathalie, who now lives in Dieppe, says they came up with the idea over the Christmas holidays when her five-year-old niece was playing the French version over and over again.

Nathalie Brun says she and her sister Josette came up with the idea of creating a Chiac version after hearing a Vietnamese adaptation. (CBC)
"I know I'm not going to get any pity from parents who have been listening to it over and over for a year, but after the 20th time … I was just trying to find a way to listen to something else," she said.

So she decided to look for a Vietnamese version on YouTube, since her niece was adopted from Vietnam.

"When I played it for her she had the biggest smile and she was so excited that there was a Vietnamese version  and my sister and I just got talking, 'Well is there a version for us, a version in Chiac?'"

Brun says they searched but couldn't find one and started joking around, coming up with sentences and expressions that would fit the song.

"And then it just kind of ballooned," she said. "Over a few days we ended up writing the whole song and finding an app and taping it and just having lot of fun," laughing through multiple rejected takes as Josette sang along with the music from the film, trying to sync it just right.

It's a ​source of joy for us to speak in Chiac … and we're proud of it and just happy to share it with alot of people who seem to be enjoying it.- Nathalie Brun

"She was very brave," said Nathalie, noting it's a difficult song to sing.

They posted their final product on YouTube earlier this month, primarily so Nathalie's sister-in-law, who is a linguistics professor, and fascinated by Acadian dialect, could watch.

The video has since gotten about 14,000 views, as of Thursday afternoon, and been shared widely through social media.

"It's the Frozen song — it might just be the same 10 kids playing it over and over again," joked Brun.

The video is also generating some positive feedback.

"C'est right bien faite..way to go les filles..Vive le Chiac," wrote Nancy Arsenault.

"Right awesome, belle job," agreed Cindy Belliveau.

"Friggin bon," said Kevin St. Pierre.

Brun is delighted. "It's a ​source of joy for us to speak in Chiac … and we're proud of it and just happy to share it with alot of people who seem to be enjoying it," she said.

But they haven't gotten any calls from Disney — yet.


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