New Brunswick

High school students protest cellphone ban

About 30 students at Fundy High School in St. George, N.B., walked out of classes to protest a ban on using cellphones and leaving school property.

About30 students walked out of classes at Fundy High School in St. George,N.B.,Wednesday to protest against bans on using cellphones and leaving school property during the school day.

Some of them waved hastily created signs painted with slogans like "We want our freedom"at the demonstration, across the street from the school.

Students are angry because of the school's decision to ban cell phones and to keepits pupilson the grounds all day, Grade 11 student Kate Brian said.

Seeing staff doing whatstudents arenot allowed to do just makes things worse, she said.

"The teachers have cellphones, and they have whatever they want, and they leave at lunch," Brian said. "I don't think it's very fair that they get to do that stuff and we don't. If they're allowed to bring their cellphones to school for emergencies, why aren't we?"

Brian said she'd like to havea phone for emergencies, but she acknowledged that she mostly usesone for socializing.

Cellphones were banned for precisely that reason, principal Lynn Farmakoulas said,while keeping students on campus during school hours is being done for their own safety.

"We had a tragedy here at Fundy High School last year. We lost a student. And that is because he was out in a car driving around when he should have been in class."

Students are allowed to leaveschool grounds during the dayonce they reach Grade 12.

Students involved in the protest could be facing suspensions, Farmakoulas said.