New Brunswick

Health Canada recalls mislabelled cannabis oil sold in New Brunswick

Boxes of a product sold by Ontario-based CannTrust Inc under the brand Liiv were incorrectly labelled as CBD oil, when they, in fact, contained THC oil, according to the federal Department of Health.

Bottles of THC oil were in packaging mislabelled as CBD oil

Liiv THC oil was mislabelled as CBD oil on the box. (Cannabis NB)

A recall has been issued for a brand of cannabis oil that was sold at Cannabis NB stores in the province.

The product, sold by Ontario-based CannTrust Inc. under the brand "Liiv", may be incorrectly labelled as CBD — or Cannabidiol oil, when it was in fact THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol oil, according to the federal department of Health.

Only the exterior box was labelled incorrectly, while the bottle itself was correctly labelled as containing THC.

Both CBD and THC are found naturally in cannabis, but only THC has psychoactive properties.

Marie-Andrée Bolduc, a Cannabis NB spokesperson, told CBC News in an email that staff discovered the problem on Jan. 17 and "immediately investigated this shipment in all 20 stores, quarantined all Liiv THC oil in all of our stores and pulled the product from our online purchase option."

"After investigation of the shipment received on Jan. 17, only two stores had received mislabelled products, impacting 50 units."

714 bottles sold

The mislabelling could result in consumers who thought they were taking CBD oil for relief of inflammation or nausea, for example, getting inadvertently high.

The Health Department said 714 units of mislabelled cannabis oil were sold in New Brunswick between Jan. 4 and Jan. 17.

According to the recall notice, no complaints or adverse reactions have been reported to Health Canada or CannTrust.

Bolduc called the recall a "precautionary measure."

Health Canada advised consumers to throw away the incorrectly labelled outside box.