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Hammond River Brewing adds coffee, bacon to new craft beer

A Quispamsis nano-brewery has combined coffee, chocolate and bacon to brew up what it’s calling its Breakfast Stout.

Quispamsis-based brewery's Breakfast Stout blends morning favourites coffee and bacon with hint of chocolate

A Quispamsis nano-brewery has combined coffee, chocolate and bacon to brew up what it’s calling its Breakfast Stout.

Shane Steeves,  the owner of Hammond River Brewing company, created the brewery's Breakfast Stout by merging two morning classics: coffee and bacon.

Steeves said he got the idea about a breakfast-inspired beer after drinking a similar stout from a U.S. brewer.

"I thought it would be a little bit of fun to come up with a recipe of my own that incorporates some of the items that you would have to breakfast in a beer," he said.

The brewer said he doesn't recommend having the beer actually for breakfast, but he thought craft beer fans would enjoy this unique beer.

The beer's coffee beans come from Saint John roasters, Java Moose. 

“Some of the coffee is put into the mash along with the grains, and I added a little more once fermentation was done,” said Steeves.

He also added oats, cacao nibs and his own home-smoked bacon.

He said the bacon was placed in a bag and dropped into the fermenter. Steeves said at eight per cent alcohol, the beer is not light or light tasting and some flavours come through more than others.

“The coffee and chocolate, absolutely. The coffee it is pretty intense. The bacon, no, at least to my palette, didn’t come through,” he said.

But he said there is a smokiness from the bacon that comes through in the beer.

Hammond River Brewing brews six brews year round and has 10 seasonal beers in its repertoire.

Steeves has been making home brew for 20 years, but opened the nano-brewery in 2013. His beer is stored in kegs and on tap at local pubs.

The Breakfast Stout is available at three pubs in Saint John and Quispamsis.


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