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Students bring new life to old decorations in Halloween challenge

Students from across New Brunswick took part in a hacking and animatronics Halloween challenge from educational organization Brilliant Labs, which involved bringing old decorations to life.

Brilliant Labs challenges New Brunswick students to create moving displays using household items

Students in the Maritimes are issued a challenge by "code-aholics" at Brilliant Labs every month. This was the October challenge. 0:35

A group of New Brunswick students spent their Halloween giving new life to old decorations.

Students from across the province took part in a hacking and animatronics challenge from educational organization Brilliant Labs.

The challenge involved finding old Halloween decorations and making the the creepy creatures seem alive, explained Brilliant Labs program director Jacob Lingley.

"The hacking part literally means look around your house, are there any old Halloween decorations that you can repurpose," he said.

"And then the animatronics portion of the challenge is, 'How can you take a prop that doesn't move and make it move?'"

This involved using anything from pocket-sized, codable computers, to drones, like one group of students did with a dollar-store skeleton at Miramichi Valley High School.   

At George Street Middle School in Fredericton, students showed off their creepy creations.

Grade 8 students Ezekiel Brown and Faith Lowthers designed an old dinosaur whose eyes would change colours depending on the volume of ambient sound around it.

Grade 8 students Ezekiel Brown and Faith Lowthers with their dinosaur. (Catherine Harrop/CBC News )

Meanwhile, Ashlee Carson designed a grim reaper.

Ashlee Carson and her grim reaper. (Catherine Harrop/CBC )

Bringing Lily Harding's clown to life required learning about neopixels and wiring, which she says she knew nothing about before the project.

Lily Harding and the creepy clown she designed for Brilliant Labs' Halloween hacking challenge. The challenge involved finding old Halloween decorations and making them move. (Catherine Harrop/CBC )

Brilliant Labs issues innovation challenges to students every month.

Lingley said he was impressed by the amount of design work the students put into these projects.  

With files from Catherine Harrop