New Brunswick

Graham promises new N.B. holiday

New Brunswick's Liberal Party is promising a February statutory holiday if elected Sept. 27.

New Brunswick Liberals would create a new statutory holiday if they win the Sept. 27 provincial election, the party announced Sunday. 

Family Day would be held the third Monday in February, giving New Brunswickers a vacation in what is currently a breakless stretch between New Year's Day and Good Friday.

In a statement, Liberal Leader Shawn Graham noted that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario already have a Family Day. Adding one in New Brunswick could attract skilled workers, he said.

"We'd like to hold every advantage possible," the premier's statement said.

Family Day has been an election promise before. Ontario's Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty promised the holiday in the runup to his successful 2007 campaign.

The holiday has been celebrated in Saskatchewan since 2007 and Alberta since 1990.

Manitobans and Prince Edward Islanders both recently started taking the same date off, but they call it Louis Riel Day and Islander Day, respectively.

The Liberals are hoping to return to power Sept. 27, but are expected to face a strong challenge from the David Alward-led Progressive Conservatives.

Other parties fielding candidates are the New Democrats, the Green Party and the People's Alliance of New Brunswick.