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Glyphosate protesters set up camp in Kedgwick River clearcut

A small group of environmental activists has set up an encampment in a clearcut near Kedgwick River to try and prevent it from being sprayed with glyphosate.

Members of group EcoVie have protective gear but hope industry 'will not actually come and spray us'

Environmentalists are camping on Crown lands near Kedgwick River hoping to prevent glyphosate spraying. 0:51

A small group of environmental activists has set up an encampment in a clearcut near Kedgwick River to try to prevent it from being sprayed with glyphosate.

The 10 people from EcoVie say they intend to disrupt any spraying on the Crown land, which is licenced to Acadian Forest.

"We don't really know how long we'll be there," said spokeswoman Jean MacDonald. "Our main objective is to protect that one site.

"It's small. It's a start."

Glyphosate is used in aerial spraying by the forest industry to control undergrowth. It is also used by NB Power and in household garden weed killers.

A recent report by the New Brunswick government concluded the risks to humans from glyphosate use is low.

Francine Levesque is with a group protesting the spraying of glyphosate by the forest industry. (Radio-Canada)
But the EcoVie group disputes that and wants government to set a moratorium on use of the chemical product in New Brunswick.

"We have issues concerning health, our health, our wildlife, our water, our air, our soil," said MacDonald. "And we're not getting any responses or any answers from the government that really tie in with the reports and the studies that are coming out throughout Europe and the United States and South America."

The Acadian Forest land is scheduled to be sprayed and the protesters say they have "a plan in place to protect ourselves."

"We do have protective gear in place," said MacDonald.

"We're hoping that industry will not actually come and spray us."

MacDonald said the group plans to stay in the encampment as long as there is glyphosate spraying in Madawaska County.

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