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Gas leak at Centennial Building in downtown Fredericton 'under control'

The gas leak that closed a section of downtown Fredericton on Wednesday morning is under control, according to city police.

The gas leak forced a number of buildings to evacuate in the city's downtown Wednesday morning

Part of downtown Fredericton was blocked off to traffic following a gas leak at the Centennial Building on Wednesday morning. (Hadeel Ibrahim/CBC)

The gas leak that closed a section of downtown Fredericton on Wednesday morning is under control, according to city police.

An area in downtown Fredericton was blocked off following a gas leak at the Centennial Building, near the New Brunswick legislature. The gas leak forced "a number" of buildings in the downtown area to evacuate.

Alycia Bartlett, a spokesperson for the Fredericton Police Force, said police and fire crews responded to the area shortly before 9 a.m. 

"Anyone that had to be evacuated was informed by emergency personnel they could go back," Bartlett said Wednesday afternoon.

Police and fire crews responded to a gas leak Wednesday morning in Fredericton. (Hadeel Ibrahim/CBC)

Sara Gourley, a spokesperson for Enbridge Gas New Brunswick, said crews are on site and focusing on the repairs. 

"Their first priority is to make the situation safe," she said. "That means squeezing off the flow of gas to allow the crews to perform the necessary repairs on the line."

In an email to CBC News, Gourley said crews "squeezed the flow of gas off at 12:05 p.m. making the situation safe."

She said service to customers was not affected during the downtown gas leak.

Bartlett said there are no longer any police or fire crews on scene.

Buildings evacuated

The downtown Centennial building is under construction but several buildings in the area were evacuated, including the legislature and all offices in the legislative precinct.

The Chancery Place building on King Street has also been evacuated. 

The Standing Committee on Economic Policy that was scheduled inside the legislature for today was also cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday morning.

Bartlett said people were being advised to stay out of the area of Queen, Regent, St. John and Brunswick streets.

The Crowne Plaza on Queen Street wasn't evacuated but at least 100 people who were forced from their office buildings stayed there until they could return to work. 

The Centennial Building, which opened in 1967 at St. John and King streets, has been designated a heritage building in New Brunswick. 

The building is part of a renovation project underway that will include a brand new courthouse.

The courthouse will be ready in March 2020 and the Centennial Building in March 2021. 


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