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Gabrielle Fahmy is a reporter based in Moncton. She's been a journalist with the CBC since 2014.

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Why N.B. universities are graduating fewer nurses — despite demand and incentives

Internal documents, obtained by the New Brunswick Nurses Union and shared with CBC News, show universities weren't trying to enrol more nursing students all these years — they were trying to afford the ones they already had.

Lettuce crop planted in old school library as couple turn building into a farm

A Quebec couple have moved to the tiny community of Saint-Léolin in northeastern New Brunswick with big plans to turn a former school into a large indoor vertical farm, capable of producing 750,000 heads of lettuce a year. 

Report slams province for failing to get more nursing grads, despite $100M investment

New Brunswick's auditor general slammed the province Tuesday for its hands-off approach to the millions of dollars it has been giving universities over the past decade to increase their numbers of nursing graduates.

Daniel Bard fired by charity before 3+ Corporation hiring

Daniel Bard, the Moncton man at the centre of a money scandal, was let go from a charity organization for failing to raise funds, before being hired by the government-funded 3+ Corporation, where he allegedly used his position to get money from clients through a side business.

Who is Daniel Bard, the elusive man at centre of missing money scandal?

More information is coming to light about Daniel Bard, the Moncton man accused by several business owners and individuals of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees but failing to deliver on promises and then vanishing.

Agency can't explain how missing ex-employee under attack by clients was ever hired

The economic development agency at the centre of a missing money scandal involving a former employee has no answers about the man's whereabouts or how someone with judgments piling up in civil court slipped through the vetting process.

Businesses add up losses after Moncton man employed by government-funded agency vanishes

New Brunswick business owners say they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after dealing with Daniel Bard, who was employed by the government-funded 3+ Corporation.

Canada-U.S. tensions expected to be big topic at right whale meeting Thursday

Dozens of people from the fishing industry and conservation groups are in Moncton to meet with Department of Fisheries and Oceans officials about methods to protect North Atlantic right whales.

Tons of plastic bags stockpiled in New Brunswick as options are considered

Sorting centres across New Brunswick are stockpiling hundreds of tons of plastic bags, as employees scratch their heads to figure out what to do with the material few recycling companies are willing to buy anymore. 

Demand for illegal cannabis still high, 1 year after legalization

One year after the federal government legalized recreational marijuana, 60 per cent of Canadians are still buying the drug on the black market or from sources that are not entirely legal, according to Statistics Canada data.

'Because it's urgent': Young care about one issue, but voting intentions unclear

Young people showed up in record numbers in the last federal election, pushing the Liberals over the majority mark. Whether they vote in droves again will have a big impact on election result Oct. 21.

4 Moncton Mounties sue federal government over 2014 shootings

Four RCMP officers who allege they suffered serious psychological trauma as a result the force's failure to properly equip them prior to the Moncton shootings are suing the federal government for damages.

'A lot of cleanup ahead' after Parlee, Murray beaches fall victim to Dorian

Employees and residents say Dorian left a "devastating" path of damage through two of southeastern New Brunswick's provincial parks.

Elizabeth May accuses NDP of using 'strong-arm tactics' to force defectors back into the fold

The federal NDP and Greens traded accusations Thursday over the apparent defections of some former New Brunswick NDP provincial candidates, capping off two days of squabbling between the progressive parties over the extent of the NDP exodus and the motivations of those involved.

How scientists are using drones to study the health of endangered whales

More than a dozen federal scientists are spending August working on a research vessel with an on-board laboratory, moving throughout the Gulf of St. Lawrence, gathering information on North Atlantic right whales.