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Effort to make camping more accessible big hit, says Parks Canada

This raindrop-shaped cabin is part of a larger project by Parks Canada to get more people into camping.

Cabin only found at Fundy National Park, staff hopes to have more by next summer

Parks Canada is hoping to get feedback on the Goutte d'Ô, a raindrop-shaped cabin at Fundy National Park, to determine whether to have more of them installed next summer. (Gabrielle Fahmy)

It's blue, shaped like a giant raindrop, and it sits in the middle of the woods at the Point Wolfe campground at Fundy National Park.

The Goutte d'Ô is part of a pilot project from Parks Canada to make the camping experience more accessible — and unique.

The raindrop-shaped cabin may look small, but Parks Canada says it can fit a family of four, or up to three adults, with a pull-out bed and a hammock for those who prefer to sway while they slumber.
Andrew Fry is the Visitor Experience Manager for Parks Canada 6:57

"One thing we've heard a lot, the kids really love the hammock," said Andrew Fry, visitor experience manager with Parks Canada at Fundy.

He says the novel structure of the cabin is a delight for visitors and has provoked a positive response.

"All you need really is your pillow and your sleeping bag and the structure is all here for you.

"If you don't know how to set up a tent ... It's a great way to get started into camping in a national park experience."

For now, there's only one of these cabins in all of Canada and it's already booked for the rest of the month.

"It booked up pretty quickly," said Fry. "I think it took us two days to fill the month of August, and September is booking up quickly as we speak."

Fry says visitors will have the chance to experience the Goutte d'Ô right up until Thanksgiving weekend.

If all goes well with the pilot project, Parks Canada may install more of these cabins next year.

Fry says the plan is to elevate them a few meters into the air, giving visitors the feeling of being in a tree house.
Parks Canada's Andrew Fry gives a guided tour of Fundy National Park's Goutte d'Ô camping cabin. 1:16