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Fredericton studies special parking spots for women

Fredericton Coun. Stephen Chase says the city should study a European idea of designating special parking spaces for women in public garages.

Coun. Stephen Chase says similar parking spaces are used in Europe

A Fredericton city councillor is floating the idea of special parking spots in public garages for women after seeing similar spaces in Europe.

Coun. Stephen Chase said he noticed the designated spots on a recent trip.

While Chase said he is not advocating the policy, he said it should be examined by the city.

The councillor said the special parking spots in Europe were located in well-lit areas and promoted safety and security.

"Anytime we see something that seems that it might have merit, I think we do the public a service by raising it for discussion," he said.

"Then that gives the people an opportunity to come forward and say 'Yeah, I like this,' or 'No, I don't."

Chase said he'd like to get some feedback from Fredericton residents on the idea of special parking spots for women in city garages.

A German mayor recently defended creating parking spaces that were designated as "men only."

The mayor of Triberg said in July women would find it difficult to park in these spots because drivers need to back in diagonally without hitting a pillar and a wall.

The mayor said some "humourless people" criticized the idea. The same parking garage had a dozen parking spaces designated for women.