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'Fredercton': People's Alliance fixes spelling mistake on signs in capital city

People's Alliance candidate for Fredericton South, Bonnie Clark, posted at least 38 signs that misspelled the name of New Brunswick's capital city.

A missing 'i' brings out jokes and barbs

People's Alliance Fredericton South candidate Bonnie Clark has about 38 signs that misspelled Fredericton. She said it was an error by the printing company which is accepting fault. (Jon Collicott/CBC)

A Miramichi imaging company is claiming full responsibility for the misspelling of Fredericton in People's Alliance candidate Bonnie Clark's campaign signs.

About 30 two-by-two signs and eight four-by-four signs left the "i" out of Fredericton.

"It was the fault of Taylor Digital Imaging out of Miramichi," said owner Darcy Taylor.

He said it was a simple oversight among the thousands of elections signs they print.

Taylor said Monday the signs were reprinted and delivered to Fredericton to be replaced.

Many of the signs have been fixed and replaced, according to Clark, who declined an interview with CBC News. (Jon Collicott/CBC)

Bonnie Clark, who uses Ed.D after her name on her signs to indicate she has a doctorate degree in education, declined an interview. She instead directed CBC to a statement on her Facebook page.

"The owner of Taylor Digital Printing drove all the way from Miramichi with corrections for the mistakes made on my signs," the statement read. "Thank you to the owner for all the extra signs they gave me as a show of their integrity and regret."

Scott Smith, the Progressive Conservative candidate for Fredericton South, said he took to Facebook in good humour to poke fun at the signs.

"It certainly wasn't meant to be mean-spirited," he said.

Smith said People's Alliance supporters responded very aggressively toward him by calling him mentally challenged and telling him to grow hair — because he is bald. 

"Their response, I feel, is very indicative of the level of anger within that party," he said.

According to Smith, signs are always sent to the candidate for approval before printing begins. He said the PCs used the same company and there were no errors,

"If you're going to put up signs all around the city you might want to make sure it's spelled right," he said.

The NDP Fredericton South candidate Chris Durrant said the error is unfortunate, but those mistakes shouldn't happen.

"All candidates and politicians must be very careful and do professional work, because when they are in the legislature, they will face very serious problems and their mistakes could have an impact on people." 

He said he doesn't agree with PANB policies, but said he wishes Clark good luck on her campaign. 

The Liberal party did not respond for comment on this issue.

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