New Brunswick

Fredericton sculpture goes viral, then missing

Pictures of an unusual sculpture in Fredericton have gone viral, and now that piece of art has gone missing.

'She's definitely got the power to frighten' says artist

Pictures of an unusual sculpture in Fredericton have gone viral, and now that piece of art has gone missing.

WhiteFeather Christie Hunter is an artist who left behind the unusual piece of art in the woods when she moved from Fredericton to Montreal.

The creature, which Hunter named Alma, is in the form of a woman, with a hoof for a hand. It's covered in fur and has long hair and large animal teeth.

Hunter admits the sculpture even frightens her.

"I was wandering through the woods one night and I started thinking about her and creeped myself out pretty badly," Hunter said. "So I know she's definitely got the power to frighten."

It was installed on a hill in Fredericton, and it created a huge buzz online when a user posted the photos.

The link on had more than five million views and nearly 600 comments, some about powers Alma may possess.

"I think this is hilarious. Someone has created an online persona on Reddit named Hoof Hand and they're posting as her, as the sculpture, posting things like 'I'm [going to] come get you,' so she's really sort of taken off online" said Hunter.

The statue disappeared Thursday night, but Hunter says she's not sure what happened to it.

"I really don't know. I'm hoping it was someone who did it out of fascination as opposed to out of malice. People react in different ways to public art," she said.

"I hope she hasn't been destroyed, that someone's just got her somewhere and she's still intact, I guess."