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What we know so far about the Fredericton shooting

Details of the Friday morning shooting that left two Fredericton police officers and two civilians dead are trickling out amid rumours and speculation in the two days since the first gunshots were reported.

4 people are dead, 1 man is in custody

Bullet holes riddle a window in an apartment building in Fredericton on Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. Two city police officers were among four people who died in a shooting in the residential area on the city's north side. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

Four people are dead, one suspect is in custody and a city is in mourning.

Details of the Friday morning shooting that left two Fredericton police officers and two civilians dead are trickling out amid rumours and speculation in the two days since the first gunshots were reported.

Here what's we know:

The shooting

  • Witnesses report hearing the first shots in the 200 block of Brookside Drive on Fredericton's north side shortly after 7 a.m.
  • The total number of shots fired varies between witness accounts. Most reports say the final shots were heard around 8:30 a.m.
  • Officers Lawrence Robert Costello, 45, and Sara Burns, 43, respond at 7:10 a.m. They are the first on scene and shot trying to help two civilians — later identified as Donald Adam Robichaud, 42, and Bobbie Lee Wright, 32 — lying on the ground outside an apartment complex. All four individuals are shot and killed.
    Victims of Friday's shooting from left to right: Const. Lawrence Robert (Robb) Costello, 45, and Const. Sara Mae Helen Burns, 43, Donald Adam Robichaud, 42, and Bobbie Lee Wright, 32.
  • The apartment complex at 237 Brookside Drive is made of four three-storey buildings in the shape of a "J," with a grass courtyard in the middle and a parking lot and wooded area in back. The third-storey window riddled with bullet holes faces the courtyard.
  • At about 9:30 a.m., officers enter an apartment and arrest a suspect, who is taken to hospital after being shot by police.
  • The area was put on lockdown for about four hours and more than two dozen households were evacuated. Dozens of displaced residents will be able to return home Monday.
  • The complex remains cordoned off by police as the investigation continues. New Brunswick RCMP have taken the lead on the homicide investigation with the Fredericton Police Force assisting. RCMP are asking for photos and video of the shooting.
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  • The suspect

  • Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48, is in police custody and has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder.
  • Raymond is in "serious but stable" condition, according to police.
  • So far, police haven't established a link between the alleged gunman and any of the victims.
  • Raymond had been living in the complex's C building for four months, says the office manager for the apartment rental company. Judith Aguilar said he seemed "utterly normal."
    Police and RCMP officers survey the area of a shooting in Fredericton, N.B. on Friday, August 10, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Keith Minchin (Keith Minchin/Canadian Press)
  • Few details have been released by police, only that he allegedly shot the victims from an elevated position using a long gun. Police do not know if the gun belonged to him.
  • He was not known to police.
  • Raymond is scheduled to make a court appearance Aug. 27.
  • For more information on Raymond and his apartment, click here.
  • The victims

  • Const. Lawrence Robert (Robb) Costello, 45, was a 20-year veteran of the Fredericton Police Force who worked on various teams throughout his career, including as a detective.
  • He grew up in Sussex Corner.
  • He is survived by his partner, Jackie McLean, and four children.
  • He worked tough cases while seconded to the RCMP's Internet child exploitation unit and was said to have enjoyed being on patrol.
  • Costello often spoke of the on-the-job dangers facing police.
  • Const. Sara Mae Helen Burns, 43, joined the force in 2016 after two years of serving as auxiliary officer.
  • She decided to chase her dream of policing at the age of 35 after years of being a stay-at-home mom.
  • Born in Scotland, Burns moved to Canada at the age of seven. She is a graduate of Fredericton High School.
  • She is survived by her husband and three sons.
    Const. Sara Burns is survived by her husband, three boys and a large extended family. (Submitted by Steven Burns)
  • She's being remembered as dedicated officer who went the extra mile in her work.
  • Burns had worked an overnight shift and was getting something she had forgotten in the police car when the call from Brookside Drive came in Friday morning. She shared the car with Costello and decided to go with him.
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  • Donald Adam Robichaud, 42, was a local bass player who also specialized in auto body work.
  • He was a father to three children.
    Donnie Robichaud, 42, is being remembered for his generosity and kind heart. (Facebook)
  • He grew up in Geary and spent his time riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and playing in local bands.
  • Robichaud, known as Donnie, moved into the apartment complex where the shooting occurred about three months ago.
  • He recently entered a relationship with the other civilian who was killed Friday.
  • Bobbie Lee Wright, 32, was the last person identified by police.
    Bobbie Lee Wright, 32, is one of the first two victims in a Fredericton shooting that claimed the lives of Wright and her boyfriend, as well as two police officers who responded to reports of shots at an apartment complex Friday, August 10, 2018. (Facebook)
  • On August 2, she shared on Facebook that she was in a relationship with Robichaud.
  • Her family has yet to speak publicly about her death.
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