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It's Christmas every day for creators of Fredericton podcast

A new Christmas-themed podcast made in Fredericton has “far surpassed” the expectations of it co-writers and directors.

'It's been our wildest dreams come true basically,' says co-writer

Welcome To Tinsel Town is about a place where it Christmas all year round. (Welcome to Tinsel Town)

A new Christmas-themed podcast made in Fredericton has "far surpassed" the expectations of it co-writers and directors.

Jenna Knorr and Adam Ganong set out to create the "classic after school Christmas special but for a new generation."

The result is Welcome to Tinsel Town, a series aimed at children between ages 6-12 that has been downloaded more than 30,000 times.

"It's been our wildest dreams come true, basically," Knorr said.

Christmas every day

The story, voiced by actors from the Fredericton area, is set in a place where it Christmas every day. Residents have decorations up year-round, there is always a party happening somewhere and the town is populated by Christmas creatures of all kinds.

"It's not uncommon to walk down the street and see a reindeer walking out of bakery," Knorr said. "It's really a very magical place."

A new Christmas-themed podcast is topping the US Kids & Family podcast charts. 'Welcome to Tinsel Town' was made in Fredericton by co-writers and directors Jenna Knorr and Adam Ganong, as well as actors from around the city. 6:18

Writing a creative Christmas storyline wasn't always easy, especially in the summer, Ganong said. But they put Christmas music on in the background and drank hot chocolate and let the ideas flow.

"In August, in the great heat, we sat down and dreamt up what we loved about Christmas stories when we were kids and what we wanted to add in and what new twists we could put on things."

Positive feedback

Knorr said the feedback has been positive.

"When you're working on a project like this where for most of the time it's just two of you in a room writing, listening back to audio, you kind of get that feeling where you're like, 'Oh, I hope people are going to receive this well,' and it's far surpassed what we hoped for in terms of reception."

The podcast is available at or through most podcast apps.

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