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Mike O'Brien defeats Brad Woodside in Fredericton mayor race

Veteran councillor Mike O'Brien has defeated longtime Fredericton mayor Brad Woodside in Monday's municipal election.

Fredericton voters turn to veteran city councillor over longtime mayor Brad Woodside

Veteran Fredericton councillor Mike O'Brien has defeated Brad Woodside in the city's mayoral race. (Lauren Bird/CBC)

Veteran councillor Mike O'Brien has defeated longtime Fredericton mayor Brad Woodside in Monday's municipal election.

O'Brien won 8,192 votes, which was more than enough to defeat the city's longest serving mayor, who garnered 7,022 votes.

Woodside congratulated O'Brien on Monday night after the results came in. He said O'Brien would make a good mayor.

"I would have to say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the support the people of this city have given me for so long," Woodside said.

The results had been coming in slowly in the Fredericton race. For roughly 35 minutes, only eight votes were showing on the Elections New Brunswick website.

When the votes started flowing in, O'Brien built an insurmountable lead. The two were able to share a brief moment together. 

"I was just in the midst of thanking Brad Woodside for giving his whole adult life to the City of Fredericton and he walked in, gave me a hug and he was so gracious," he said on Monday.

O'Brien has been on city council since 2001, representing a ward in the area of Fulton Heights and North Devon. He recently retired after working 30 years for NB Liquor, including a period as the interim president and CEO of the Crown corporation.

Woodside served as a city councillor from 1981 until 1986 when he was elected mayor. He stepped down from the mayor's post to run unsuccessfully in provincial politics in 1999.

Woodside returned to the mayor's office in 2004 with a 746-vote win over Joel Richardson after jumping into the race late.

Woodside recorded sizeable victories in 2008 and 2012.

New councillors elected

O'Brien will have a mix of new and returning councillors when he gavels his first meeting into session.

  • Ward 1: Dan Keenan
  • Ward 2: Mark Peters
  • Ward 3: Bruce Grandy
  • Ward 4: Eric Price
  • Ward 5: Steven Hicks
  • Ward 6: Eric Megarity
  • ​Ward 7: Kevin Darrah
  • Ward 8: Greg Ericson
  • Ward 9: Stephen Chase
  • Ward 10: John MacDermind
  • Ward 11: Kate Rogers
  • Ward 12: Henri Mallet

​Familiar faces in nearby communities

Fredericton voters elected a new mayor on Monday night but other neighbouring communities will be seeing familiar faces at council meetings.

Judy Wilson-Shee was acclaimed in New Maryland. Robert Powell also went unchallenged in Oromocto.

However, Hanwell voters have opted for a new mayor.

Chris Melvin defeated incumbent mayor Susan Cassidy by a margin of 585 votes to 479 votes.


Daniel McHardie

Digital senior producer

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