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Fredericton's Cultural Market thankful for success

The fledgling cultural market in Fredericton has expanded to become much larger than any of the organizers ever expected in just a few short months since its opening.

Market now has 38 vendors with an additional 14 on waiting lists

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      The fledgling cultural market in Fredericton has a lot to be thankful for this weekend — it has expanded to become much larger than any of the organizers ever expected in the few months since its opening.  

      The Cultural Market opened on August 1 with 24 vendors. That number has since climbed to 38, with an additional 14 on a waiting list. 

      "It is definitely growing," said Danny Taylor, one of the four market founders.

      "We've added, just in the last two weeks, four additional vendors. We're in talks with three more. So we're definitely growing. The idea is to bring in as many cultures as possible, so the sky is really the limit." 

      With so many vendors and people frequenting the Saturday market, organizers are already re-considering some of the hours and expanding the market area to accommodate everyone. 

      "You can traverse the world, just by walking through here," said Charit Khatri, market co-founder. "We've got Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese,  South Korean, Japanese, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria... you get the idea." 

      Canada is also represented among the vendors. Organizers brought in a local farmer to not only sell his harvest, but to share his knowledge of Canadian crops for the holiday.  

      "The farmer spoke to these new immigrants, explained what to do for Thanksgiving, and now they are trying that food out, and the recipes and how to cook it," said Khatri.

      "It's great to see that these people, who would otherwise never meet each other, are kind of getting integrated, sharing local customs and local festivals and being a part of the community." 

      The Cultural Market takes place every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 the Cultural Center in downtown Fredericton. 


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