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Time to vote: Young Fredericton Reads Competition begins

The Young Fredericton Reads competitions is underway. Voting ends on Friday.

These 4 Fredericton students have books they think you should read

These books are featured in Young Fredericton Reads. Go to our Facebook page to vote for your favourite. (Kirk Pennell/CBC )

The Young Fredericton Reads competition has just begun.

Four students from Fredericton High School each chose a Canadian book for the competition. Now, they will all try to persuade you to read the books they picked.

On our CBC New Brunswick Facebook pagelike the book you think people should read. The video with the most likes will be the champion.

The voting ends on Friday. 

But you can win too. If you like one of the videos, your name goes into a draw for a bookbag filled with this year's Canada Reads books. 

The books in the running for Young Fredericton Reads:

All the Things We Leave Behind 

Juliette Tristant-Akret chose a novel by Riel Nason set in 1977. The book shares the story of 17-year-old Violet who is left to manage her parents' antique stand, while they look for clues to the disappearance of her restless brother Bliss.

All the Things We Leave Behind explores the idea of what we collect and what we let go.

Young Fredericton Reads: All The Things We Leave Behind

5 years ago
Duration 1:10
Juliette Tristant-Akret chose All the Things we Leave Behind by Riel Nason. Like this video if you want to vote for her.

"[It's] the book people should choose because it tackles so many issues and so many things that people relate to," said Tristant-Akret.

"It is also told in a beautiful and heartwarming way."

Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined

Sarah Kelly chose a book by Danielle Younge-Ullman called Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined.

The novel challenges the mother-daughter relationship. Ingrid, the main character, must survive crushing humiliations, physical challenges and mind games to prove to her mother that she can survive and attend her dream school in the fall.

Young Fredericton Reads: Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined

5 years ago
Duration 1:07
Fredericton High School student Sarah Kelly's book choice for the Young Fredericton Reads Competition was Everything Beautiful is Not Broken by Danielle Younge-Ullman. Vote for this book by liking this video.

"It offers a lot of extra inspiration and motivation and strength," said Kelly.

Saints and Misfits

Patricia Forestell chose a book by S.K. Ali called Saints and Misfits. The book explores the life of a Muslim teenager named Janna, who is learning to adapt to her new life.

Young Fredericton Reads: Saints and Misfits

5 years ago
Duration 0:53
Patricia Forestell, a Fredericton High School student, chose Saints and Misfits for the Young Fredericton Reads Competition. If you agree with her that this book should be read by all Canadians, like this video.

The book explores the idea of identity.

"She categorizes things into three categories: the saints, the monsters, the misfits," said Forestell.

Indian Horse

Jake Dow chose a book by Richard Wagamese called Indian Horse. The book shares the story of a young Indigenous man, Saul Indian Horse, who has hit rock bottom.

The novel takes the reader through his journey of darkness.

Young Fredericton Reads: Indian Horse

5 years ago
Duration 1:16
Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese is the book Fredericton High School student Jake Dow chose for the Young Canada Reads competition.

"It's his journey out of that darkness through hockey with some twists and turns along the way," Dow said.

The students chose the books. The rest is up to you.