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Frank Sapach and his dog walk across Canada to help abused pets

A man from British Columbia passed through Fredericton on his one man and one dog mission to raise awareness for abused and homeless pets.

Frank Sapach and his dog Shiela are looking to raise awareness for abused and homeless pets

Barking across Canada

8 years ago
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Frank Sapach and his dog Sheila are making their way across Canada, trying to raising awareness for homeless and abused pets

A B.C. man made his way through Fredericton on Thursday as a part of his one man and one dog mission to raise awareness for abused and homeless pets. 

Frank Sapach and his dog German shepherd Shiela have been travelling across Canada for two years now.

They first started the expedition in June 2013. That first summer they walked from Chilliwack, B.C. to Calgary. 

Sapach said he didn't think at the time that he would make it across Canada as his health was failing him.
Frank Sapach and Shiela have been all the way from Victoria to Halifax in the last two years. (CBC News)

"I was suffering from arthritis, taking pain meds every six hours and I have cancer. I wouldn't go for surgery and radiation for cancer, and they had me convinced that I wouldn't be around as long as my dog," said Sapach. 

"I thought I would just walk her along the highway and if anything happened to me somebody would give her a good home. After we walked for a month I wasn't sick anymore."

Now Sapach is trying to help other pets out.

The first summer of their journey Shiela started barking at every dog that they went by, so Sapach used that to his advantage.

Now he has Shiela "barking across Canada" with a simple message. He says people should look after their pets, and help out animals that don't have homes. 

"She has changed the way I look at animals and treat animals," said Sapach.
Shiela is nine years old and is now walking back to British Columbia. (CBC News)

Sapach said he is hoping people will see what he does for his dog and that will make them have more respect for their own pet.

He said he never liked the commercials that showed graphic animal abuse and feels his story is a better alternative. 

"People don't change the channel or shut off the TV when they see Shiela," said Sapach.

Though there is a site where people can make donations, Sapach said he isn't connected with any organization. The money goes towards his expenses as they travel across the country. 

His bike and trailer together weigh more than 136 kilograms. He has an engine in the trailer to help when they have to go up hills. The two left Fredericton on Thursday and their next stop is Woodstock.

"We're in no hurry. We have no schedule. We're just a boy and his dog, out for an adventure," he said.


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