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Minihome fire leaves 2 Miramichi firefighters without a place to live

A fire that broke out in Miramichi early Sunday morning has displaced a family of three, including two firefighters from the local fire department.

A minihome that caught fire in Miramichi over the weekend has displaced a local family

Firefighters responded to a minihome fire over the weekend in Miramichi. (Facebook)

A fire that broke out over the weekend in Miramichi has forced a family of three, two of whom are firefighters themselves, to find a new place to live. 

The fire started in the basement of a mini-home on Lakeside Drive at around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning.

"It hits close to home when it's one of your own," said Frank Roach, deputy fire chief of the City of Miramichi Fire Department.

"It's surreal in the sense, but it's also kind of the norm, it's hard to manage."

Roach said the fire department is doing the best they can in reaching out to the two members who lost everything in the blaze.

"It's difficult with minihomes," said Roach.

"Once there is a significant fire in a structure such as a minihome, it's very hard to save the structure."