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FIFA Women's World Cup brings business to Moncton

Businesses in Moncton are hoping to cash in on the FIFA Women's World Cup this month.

Officials estimate event will have $20M in economic spinoffs for city and another $14M for province

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7 years ago
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World Cup brings cash to Moncton businesses

Businesses in Moncton are hoping to cash in on the FIFA Women's World Cup this month.

Each of the eight teams that will play in Moncton over the course of the tournament brings close to 50 players and staff, along with the fans who follow them.

Professional photographer Steve Bardens of England has been sent to a lot of international soccer events, but not often in a place as small as Moncton.

"Restaurants and accommodations, so we're spending money there," said Bardens.

"It's a great little place. Obviously, doing this job we don't normally come to towns like this."

Steve Clerke says the opening weekend of the FIFA Women's World Cup was "like Christmas" for his Moncton gift shop. (CBC)
Barista Keith Alward has been seeing lots of people with ties to FIFA come through his Cafe Cognito on Main Street.

"A lot of uniforms. A lot of track suits, for sure," said Alward.

Officials say they expect the event to bring in $20 million in economic spinoffs for the city and another $14 million for the province.

Steve Clerke of Gifts Galore has been preparing for the tournament for a year, ordering goods such as soccer-themed candy, jewelry and art works for his shop.

Clerke says it's all selling.

"Last night was wild, the weekend was wild as well," he said.

"We had an amazing weekend. It was like Christmas."


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