New Brunswick

And February's snowfall leader is . . . ?

At the first of February, there was barely any snow on the ground in some cities. That changed in a hurry.

New Brunswick's 3 largest cities have each received more than a metre of snow this month

The carved figures of John Hooper's Time Piece in uptown Saint John looked a little chilly on Thursday. (Julia Wright/CBC)

So are you tired of clearing snow yet? If so, it's not without good reason.

A review of weather data from February shows the province's three largest cities have each received more than one metre of snow in February, with most of that coming in the last 10 days.

Thursday's storm pushed Moncton into the lead for the most snow this month, with Environment Canada recording 36 centimetres in Moncton to push the city's monthly total to 120 centimetres.

Snowpack grows

Another way of looking at the month in Moncton is to consider that on Feb. 1, there was one centimetre of snow on the ground in the city. Today, the depth of the snowpack is given as 82 centimetres.

Environment Canada recorded 26 centimetres in Saint John in Thursday's storm, boosting that city's February total to 107 centimetres. It's snowpack has grown from virtually none on Feb. 1 to 57 centimetres.

Environment Canada doesn't track Fredericton's snowfall in the same way that Moncton's and Saint John's is recorded. But averaging of some Fredericton-based volunteers in the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network puts Fredericton's total for February at 108 centimetres. 

Fredericton's snowpack has more than tripled in February, growing from 26 centimetres at the beginning of the month to 85 centimetres.

Blizzard in Fredericton's top 3

Claude Cote, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, said in looking at an average of the accumulations recorded by 10 volunteers in the Fredericton area in Monday's blizzard, the consensus was Fredericton received 55 centimetres, or about half of its monthly total to date, in that one event.

Cote said the blizzard ranks in the top three storms recorded in Fredericton since 1955. A winter storm of that magnitude hits the city about once every 20 years, he said.

The northern part of the province has not been hit as hard by snow in February, with Environment Canada recording 42 centimetres in Bathurst in February.

But as the north knows all too well, snow is not necessarily the worst the public has to deal with in a New Brunswick winter — at least not when an ice storm knocks out power to thousands of people for days at a time, as happened in late January.