New Brunswick

Fading paint lines on roads a problem

After another long winter of plows and weather-related damage, many traffic lines in Saint John have faded or disappeared entirely.

Weather, plows and outdated road paint equipment partly to blame

Harsh winter weather and snow clearing equipment are partly to blame for the city's disappearing traffic lines. (CBC)

Potholes and cracks aren’t the only road repairs needed in the City of Saint John this construction season.

After another long winter of plows and weather-related damage, many traffic lines in the city have faded or disappeared entirely.

Cathy Akerman, a Saint John resident, said she often has a hard time seeing the lines in some places, especially coming off the Harbour Bridge.

"I do have to take my time because the lines aren't there. So you have a far left, you have a middle line, and you have your right lane as well. So it takes a couple of seconds when you come off the bridge to remember, ‘Oh yeah I'm going to stay here if I'm going to stay in the centre, because the lines are gone,’" she said.

Akerman also said it seems like the paint doesn’t last as long as it used to. Despite fresh paint each summer, she said she notices every time the snow disappears so do many of the lines.

Part of the problem is the machine the city uses to paint the lines.

Ward 2 Coun. John MacKenzie said the city has expressed interest in an upgrade.

"We're looking at ordering new equipment. The equipment that we presently have is very old, and we want to upgrade that and the type of paint that we're using. If we get new equipment, we'll be able to use more modernized paint," he said.

This week, the city of Saint John will sign-off on roads it will repair over the warmer months.

But if council approves a new painter, MacKenzie doubts it would arrive in time for construction season.