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Facebook group aims to reunite people with stolen bikes

A Moncton man is taking a stand against bicycle thefts by creating a Facebook group to help people find their stolen bikes.

Emmanuel Albert says bike thefts happen too often in Moncton, hopes sharing information will help

A Moncton man is taking a stand against bicycle thefts by using social media.

Emmanuel Albert has created a Facebook group called Moncton Stolen Bikes/Vélos Volés Moncton to help people locate their stolen bike and learn how to keep their bike secure.

Emmanuel Albert (Jessica Doria-Brown / CBC)
He says bike thefts are a problem in the city. He has had his stolen before and has already heard about several bike thefts this season.

"So I figured I could put together an easy, simple Facebook page where people can post information, everyone can refer to it, see which bikes are being looked for," said Albert.

Users can post photos of their stolen bike and learn how to file a police report. It's vital to know the bike's serial number — otherwise a theft cannot be reported, he said.

Aaron Little says he has had his bike stolen a couple of times, including just a couple of months ago.

"It sucks," he said. "Over the past few years, it's been getting worse and worse."

James Calam says he has had his bike stolen several times over the years.

"When you rely on your bicycle for transport, it can be hectic and awful. Doesn't make you feel too good," he said.

​Calam thinks the Facebook group is a great idea. "Other eyes and ears there for you, gives you a better chance to get your stolen goods, or have it returned back to you. It's a positive thing, for sure."

Albert says he hopes no one has to use the page for bike theft. 

"I hope no one needs to report a bike stolen and it remains an educational page," he said.

"But if the case happens and someone has it stolen, and they put it there, we'll have as many people looking out for them as possible."

The Facebook page also has theft prevention tips, including diagrams showing how to properly lock bikes up.

A Moncton man has created a Facebook group to help people find stolen bikes in the city. (Facebook)