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Eyelash extensions growing in popularity in Fredericton

More and more women in Fredericton are forking over hundreds of dollars for a relatively new beauty treatment — eyelash extensions.

Dozens of technicians and salons now offering beauty treatment that costs up to $200

More and more women in Fredericton are forking over hundreds of dollars for a relatively new beauty treatment — eyelash extensions.

The price ranges for $150 to $200 for eyelash extensions made of polyester, silk or even real mink fur that last for three or four weeks before needing to be "filled" for about $50.

Jen Mabie has been getting eyelash extensions for about two years. (Submitted by Alex Vautour)
Jen Mabie, a Fredericton realtor, has been getting the eyelash treatments for about two years. She said she doesn't mind the cost because it's the only extra beauty treatment she pays for regularly.

"I get them because it saves me time," says Mabie.

"I have a three-year-old and another one on the way and I feel like I'm always rushed to get out the door."

Jane Cummings was one of Fredericton's first specialists in the procedure. When she started almost four years ago she had fewer that 20 clients and a full-time job with the City of Fredericton.

Today, there are dozens of technicians and salons in the area offering the service and Cummings has more than 50 clients and is on a leave of absence from her city job so she can work full-time out of her home as an eyelash technician.

Cummings charges $150 for a full set, which means one extension is applied on to every individual lash. She admits the initial fee is expensive, but there’s a reason. 

“It’s very labour intensive. You’re working with somebody’s eyes, you have to be very very careful," she said.

Depending on the number of natural lashes a person has, the procedure can take up to two hours.
Student Olivia Sorenson doubts she will ever pay for eyelash extensions. (Submitted by Alex Vautour)
The procedure isn't for everyone.
Olivia Sorensen, a St. Thomas University student majoring in women's and gender studies, said she believes  society holds an unrealistic expectation for women to look good all the time. 

“We have to worry about if our eyebrows are tweezed and plucked and if our skin looks good and if our teeth are white,” says Sorensen.

"It’s just like one more thing to me that I really don't have the time or energy or money to really put into.”

Sorensen has a friend who just started an eyelash extension business. She wants to support  her, but can’t afford it. 

“That’s another 50$ bill every month if you really think of it," Sorensen says.

“As little as my eyelashes are, I don't think I'll be taking the leap anytime soon."

Sorensen said she thinks that some people may be getting extensions to boost their confidence, or to  impress other people. 

“It makes me kinda sad because I feel like they must feel a certain pressure in society that they have to look a certain way and almost be that perfect ideal women," she said.

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Alex Vautour is a fourth-year journalism student at St. Thomas University and prepared this report as part of course work in the program.


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