3 people sent to hospital with injuries after factory explosion

An explosion at a factory in western New Brunswick has sent three people to hospital with injuries.

WorkSafeNB investigating Tuesday morning incident at Fiready Inc., in western New Brunswick

Explosion at Fiready Inc., sends three people to hospital on Tuesday. (Kassandra Nadeau-Lamarche/Radio-Canada)

WorkSafeNB is investigating after an explosion at a wood factory in western New Brunswick sent three people to hospital with injuries.

The explosion happened at Fiready Inc., just outside Edmundston at around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. 

"There was some issues with the biomass boiler," said Alex Clair, one of the co-owners of the business. "They were investigating, trying to figure out what the problem was, that's when the backdraft occurred."

He said the flames shot into their faces and two of the three individuals "got the full brunt of the force."

They sustained first- and second-degree burns to their faces. One of them was Clair's brother, Ian Clair, whose hands were also severely burned.

Meanwhile, another individual received first-degree burns to his face and hands and has been released from hospital.

"They're both in good spirits," said Alex Clair. "They should be back to work soon."

Clair told Radio-Canada that production at the factory stopped throughout the day on Tuesday, but resumed later that night.

Twelve people typically work at the facility, plus another six on a seasonal night shift.

WorkSafeNB is investigating the incident, and the company that built the biomass boiler.

"The boiler has been stopped for at least a week until we can do an inspection, but we will be able to continue production," said Clair.

With files from Radio-Canada