Court hears how doctors attempted to save murder victim's life

A pathologist testified on the sixth day of the second-degree murder trial of Evan Polchies. The 31-year-old is accused of shooting and killing Bobby Martin Jr.

Pathologist testifies on sixth day of second-degree murder trial of Evan Polchies

On the fourth day of Evan Polchies' second-degree murder, Ballie Kinnear, the girlfriend of Bobby Martin (pictured) testified Martin and Polchies knew other. (Submitted )

Bobby Martin Jr. died of a gunshot to the lower limb and pelvis, a Saint John pathologist testified in Fredericton court on the sixth day of the second-degree murder trial of Evan Polchies.

Dr. Mohammad Hossain described Tuesday the interventions first responders and doctors took to save the 34-year-old Martin's life in late January 2017, including a tube down his throat for ventilation, multiple lines for blood transfusion and repairs to his femoral artery.

Their efforts were in vain, however, as the victim suffered massive blood loss as well as kidney and heart failure, said Hossain.

A photo of where first responders attended to Bobby Martin Jr.'s gunshot wounds. (CBC NEWS)

The pathologist testified Martin was shot twice in his left leg. One bullet entered the top of the leg, went through his scrotum, through his right leg and exited behind the femur. The other bullet entered lower on the thigh and exited the same leg.

"I did not see any defensive wounds," Hossain said.

"The cause of death is gunshot to lower limb and pelvis."

The Dodge Charger outside the Knights Inn where Baillie Kinnear drove Bobby Martin Jr. after he was shot twice. (CBC News)

Which shot came first

Defence counsellor T.J. Burke pointed out during his cross-examination the doctor does not know which bullet was fired first. A report stated the shot to Martin's thigh was not life-threatening.

Burke also noted the wounds don't show how close the shooter was to Martin.

The front of the Lincoln mini-home where Evan Polchies is alleged to have fatally shot Bobby Martin Jr. (CBC NEWS)

Polchies, 31, is one of two people charged in Martin's death.

He and Joe-Anna Hachey of Fredericton were arrested Jan. 29, 2017, near Woodstock.

Hachey, who is to go on trial in April, has already testified against Polchies, saying he was the one who shot Martin.

Evan Polchies, 31, of Kingsclear First Nation, and Joe-Anna Hachey, 23, of Fredericton, are both charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Bobby Martin Jr., 34, of Fredericton in Lincoln. (RCMP)

She said she asked Martin to bring drugs to the mobile home, but she and Polchies planned to rob him when he got there.

Firearms expert

Greg Williams, a firearms expert, described in his testimony Tuesday a bullet retrieved from the rifle had a small indentation in it from a firing pin. He said that is most often caused by a misfire.

A close-up photo of the rifle allegedly used to fatally shoot Bobby Martin Jr. (CBC NEWS)

During his cross-examination, Burke pointed out the bullet could have been misfired at an earlier time and reloaded that night.

Williams also described the semi-automatic rifle in question. He said it is a Russian weapon — a precursor to the AK-47 — and it's a non-restricted firearm, but the magazine is illegal. He said five cartridges are allowed in a magazine for semi-automatic firearms, but this one can contain 15.

The cartridge retrieved from the rifle allegedly used to fatally shoot Bobby Martin Jr. (CBC NEWS)

The trial continues Wednesday.

With files from Catherine Harrop