New Brunswick

Election Day 24: Booze sales at corner stores and sports tax credit

Three of the five political parties made campaign promises on Saturday, including a sports and arts tax credit, a herbicide ban on Crown land and big changes to the Liquor Control Act.

As advance voting begins, the leaders made several announcement across the province

The New Brunswick legislature. (CBC)

Three of the five political parties in New Brunswick made campaign promises Saturday on the first day of advance polls.

PC Leader Blaine Higgs was in Blackville to announce a tax credit for children's sports, arts and culture programs. The credit would allow parents to claim fees paid to register kids in artistic, cultural and recreational or developmental activities.

The credit would allow a family to claim up to $500 per child for programs involving physical activity and $250 per child for other programs involving arts, culture and recreation.

Higgs also promised to eliminate the controversial policy 711, which limits what school cafeterias, after-school fundraisers and extracurricular activities can sell when it comes to low-nutirition foods. It includes a ban on chocolate milk, coated granola bars and sports drinks.

"Brian Gallant is focused on taking chocolate milk away from our kids," Higgs said in a press release. "I'd rather accomplish the same thing by giving our kids better access to organized sports activities and the character building experience that come from participating in activities with peers."

Herbicide ban 

Meanwhile, People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin plans to ban the spraying of herbicides on Crown lands. 

"It is long past time for us to stop poisoning ourselves and our wildlife," he said in a press release.

Austin plans to replace herbicide sprays with more environmentally friendly methods, such as mechanical thinning. He believes this will boost employment in rural parts of the province.

"This is a major issue and we are just one week away from having the ultimate say in whether spraying continues or whether we put a stop to it," he said. "Let's choose to put a stop to it."

Liberals to allow booze sales at corner stores

Speaking in Dieppe, Liberal Leader Brian Gallant promises to expand New Brunswick's Liquor Control Act to allow retail outlets such as convenience stores to sell beer, wine and alcohol, as well as permit people to bring their wine to more restaurants.

"To create more opportunities here in New Brunswick, we will give consumers more choice and flexibility," he said in a press release.

Gallant promises to work with local breweries and producers to update their laws to allow for growth.

NDP leader heading to bingo

New Democratic Party Leader Jennifer McKenzie spent the day working with her local team in Saint John. She will speak with reporters and then attend an event at Union Street Bingo in Saint John.

Green Party Leader David Coon was not on the campaign trial today due to a family commitment.

New Brunswickers head to the polls on Sept. 24.