New Brunswick

Efficiency NB cuts 6 jobs, suspends programs

Efficiency NB has cut six positions and suspended two of its programs.

Efficiency NB has cut six positions and suspended two of its programs.

The Crown agency laid off four contract employees and two permanent staff, who were energy advisers, officials confirmed on Thursday.

They worked on the two suspended programs, which offered incentives for newly-built energy-efficient homes and businesses.

Efficiency NB will do its best to ensure people who were already enrolled in the two suspended programs will get the money they're owed, but there are no guarantees, said spokeswoman Tracey Somers.

No new applications for the two suspended programs are being accepted, she said.

Meanwhile, retrofit programs for existing properties will continue, said Somers.

Efficiency NB is now down to 21 employees.

Margaret-Ann Blaney, the corporation's chief executive officer, who took over at the helm nearly a year ago, is on vacation this week and unavailable for comment.

The agency's budget was cut last year, but it was able to use a surplus account to preserve programs. That surplus is now almost gone.

In 2011-12, Efficiency NB paid out $1.6 million in efficiency grants for new houses and $612,000 for apartments.

Efficiency NB is mandated to promote efficient energy measures.