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Dylan Hackett is a CBC News writer and reporter based in Moncton.

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Green Party celebrates 2 years: How far has David Coon come?

David Coon’s electoral success in 2014 begs the question on whether he has developed a beachhead to elect more Greens or whether he managed to win a seat based on his own personal connection with voters.

Saint John gets to voice opinions on Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal

Karen Ludwig has been consulting with Canadians across the country and she says the response towards the partnership has been mixed.

St. George Street meeting addresses prostitution issues in Moncton

Residents of Moncton’s St. George Street neighbourhood voiced their concerns and support for sex workers in the area Wednesday night.

Fredericton woman speaks at UN HeForShe event in New York

The event’s guest speakers included Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and actress Emma Watson.

Moncton works on efforts to help poor and homeless

Moncton is working toward making the city more socially inclusive by improving access to housing and strengthening food security.

Maritime students taking longer to complete 1st degree

Maritime students are spending more time on their first degrees and the New Brunswick Student Alliance is hoping the timely completion benefit will cater to five years rather than four.

Opposition slams use of contingency fund as 'fiscal joke'

The Gallant's government's decision to take $20 million out of its $100-million contingency fund just three months into the fiscal year is being ridiculed by their political opponents.

Campus garden to provide vegetables to students

Students at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University in Fredericton will soon be able to grow their food.

Nature Conservancy touts conservation as best climate change solution

Rob Wilson is the director of carbon finance with the conservancy. He will speak to the province’s select committee on climate change Thursday.

Summer setback: Some kids losing math, literacy skills over vacation

Summer setback occurs during the summer months and it means that students are losing skills or their existing skills are not as sharp as they were just weeks prior.

Rare warm water bird spotted off N.B. coast

The Audubon's shearwater is a tropical seabird, and was spotted off Grand Manan in the Bay of Fundy.

New Brunswick summer playlist: Aug. 19

This New Brunswick summer playlist will ease you into the last few weeks of summer.

Earworms more often pleasant than annoying

Songs that stay with us for long periods of time, or allow us to relive a memory, are often referred to as earworms and they're not always annoying.

New Brunswick summer playlist: July 29

Our summer playlist features New Brunswick based artists every week.

Annual lumberjack championship celebrates 22 years

The 22nd annual St. Stephen International Lumberjack Championship will bring together national and international talent on August 1.