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Dennis Oland's second-degree murder trial coverage: Oct. 7

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Dennis Dennis Oland's Volkswagon Golf was seized and searched one week after Richard Oland's death

Sgt. Smith used a special forensic light and magnifying glass to search the inside of Dennis Oland's car for any "anomalies," then did some preliminary tests for any blood. (CBC)

The second-degree murder trial of Dennis Oland will continue Wednesday morning in Saint John as the defence continues to cross-examine a forensic expert.

Sgt. Mark Smith, head of Saint John Police Force's forensic identification unit, will be on the stand for his fourth day.

Smith testified on Tuesday to processing Dennis Oland's Volkswagon Golf. 

He swabbed 11 areas, including the door latches, the trunk release button, the steering wheel, the headlight and signal light switches, the emergency brake and the passenger seat.

Some items were seized from the car, including a receipt from an Irving station in Saint John's north end, which was found in the passenger side door and was from around the time Richard Oland's body was discovered.

Richard Oland, 69, was found lying face down in a large pool of blood in his uptown investment office on July 7, 2011, with "hundreds" of blood spatter stains around him, some up to nine feet away.