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Dennis Oland's second-degree murder trial: Nov. 5

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Richard Oland's affair was well-known, but began to sour in the months before his death, jury heard Wednesday

Dennis Oland's second-degree murder trial is continuing on Thursday in Saint John. (CBC)

The second-degree murder trial of Dennis Oland is continuing on Thursday morning in Saint John.

Long-time business associate Robert McFadden was being cross-examined by defence lawyer Alan Gold on Wednesday. 

McFadden testified that it was no secret the prominent businessman had been having an affair with Diana Sedlacek.

Dennis Oland had described his father's affair as a "family concern" and had asked McFadden to talk to him about it. He wanted McFadden to tell him that word about the affair was "getting out" and to "cool it."

Sedlacek is expected to take the stand in the coming days.

McFadden also testified about receiving $765,000 for serving as co-executor of Oland's will and $50,000 for being a trustee of his estate. Dennis Oland received $100,000 and $50,000 for the same roles the court heard.