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Dennis Oland jury receives instructions from judge

Follow CBC's live coverage from Saint John. The jury will soon be sequestered in order to deliberate and reach a verdict.

Justice John Walsh cautioned jurors on dealing with circumstantial evidence in the case

Defence lawyer Alan Gold has said that the jurors are no closer to knowing who killed the prominent New Brunswick businessman than they were when they were selected for jury duty three months ago. (CBC)

The jury will enter the second day of instructions on how to reach a verdict in the second-degree murder trial of Dennis Oland on Wednesday morning in Saint John.

They were told on Tuesday that the jury must be convinced that Oland killed his father. Reasonable doubt, as explained by Justice John Walsh, is based on common sense and arises from either the evidence or lack of evidence.

The judge cautioned jurors on dealing with circumstantial evidence in the case. They must distinguish between inference and speculation.

Lawyers made the statements on Monday while delivering their closing arguments to the jury in the Saint John courtroom.

Crown prosecutor P.J. Veniot says Dennis Oland killed his father, Richard Oland, and that is the "only rational, inescapable conclusion" the jury at the murder trial must reach.

But defence lawyer Alan Gold contends the jurors are no closer to knowing who killed the prominent New Brunswick businessman in 2011.
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