New Brunswick

Deer Island's waves of change

A three-part video series on the remote fishing communities of Deer Island, N.B.

A three-part video series on this remote fishing island

Deer Island's struggles

9 years ago
Duration 3:11
A look at issues on Deer Island

An island of fishing communities few New Brunswickers know much about, and hardly any have visited, has gone through some changes in recent years.

CBC's Matthew Bingley visits Deer Island in a three-part video series that explores the stories affecting the islanders.

Part 1 provides an introduction to the island and its many issues, including a shrinking population, transportation troubles, and its tourism industry.

Part 2 illustrates the changing island fishery in the face of declining herring stocks by following the story of one of the remaining families that still fish for herring using traditional weirs.

Part 3 is a look at how the island's biggest employer — lobster processing plant Paturel International — is changing the island's demographics as it works out its own labour woes.